Mediation (consiliation mediation)

Mediation (otherwise known as – civil disputes conciliation mediation) is a peaceful way to resolve a dispute through the intermediary of a third impartial party – a mediator.

This dispute settlement procedure is effective in dealing with commercial, consumer and business, family, inheritance, labor and many other disputes. It is very suitable in cases where the relationship between persons in dispute are regular, continuing a long time.

Thanks to this – parties of the dispute sign a peace agreement or other procedural document, which at the request of the parties is formalized by law if such decision is not contrary to peremptory rules. Peace agreement which is approved by a court in summary proceedings may be carried out by force.

Mediation is unique in a way that despite the mediator’s involvement in the process – the involved parties remind owners of dispute resolution. Here mediation differs from the court and arbitration, where parties in a dispute untrusts making the decision to „third parties“ (judges or arbitrators), whereas mediator does not take decisions, it is the prerogative of the the parties.

Each mediation procedure is unique therefore Justicija, UAB lawyers evaluates the parties’ wishes and demands and selects the most appropriate procedures.

Nonetheless, it is possible to distinguish certain steps:

  1. Getting to know the problem and defining the issues at stake.
  2. Additional information gathering and consultations with other specialists.
  3. Negotiation between the parties, discussions and decisions search.
  4. Making decisions and securing them in writing.

Mediation usually takes place in a sessions lasting a couple or a few more hours. Depending on the complexity of the dispute and the scope of the issues at stake, sessions may be held as much as needed.

Justicija, UAB helps countries to benefit from the opportunities offered by the pre-judicial mediation and thus to resolve a dispute much more quickly and more economically.

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