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To live in peace is to have a family doctor and a family or a personal lawyer.

We are aware that you are busy on a daily basis trying to create wealth not only for yourself but also for your family – you appreciate comfort, simplicity and efficiency. We know that you are hoping, that your decisions will be beneficial to your family when they need it the most. You want to be certain that your children will be taken care of in the best as possible way, in case something happens to you…

We provide a unique opportunity to use a personal lawyer services, which until now was available only to a very wealthy individuals. From now on, you will have an Advisor that will help you to create and maintain the well-being and a good position in society.

We are interested what legal and financial issues arise in your everyday life.

Do you encounter incorrect bailiffs, angry neighbors or demanding bankers? Are you buying or renting an apartment, lending money or you can not find a common language with public authorities?

In either case, you will have to make some kind of decision requiring certain legal knowledge.

Justicija, UAB offers you a solution – personal lawyer

This is an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive legal assistance from your personal lawyer for a reasonable price quickly and in the most convenient way for you.

We provide the following legal services:

Personal lawyer is most needed for those who want a trusted advisor and prosperity of their family. For those, who want to protect family‘s property so it will not get into other people hands in case of divorce or court proceedings.

  • We will provide you with preventive and precautionary advice.
  • Perform an oversight of your daily affairs, and provide a first aid if necessary.
  • Refer you to the best specialists of the required fields.

We want to get to know you and take care of you, we know our colleagues, their competencies, reliability and costs. All of this and more – for you, for a reasonable price.

What is the difference between Justicija, UAB Personal lawyer service and a regular lawyer or attorney service?

No. Personal lawyer Regular lawyer or attorney
1. Personal lawyer is engaged to solve any raised legal problem. Undertakes to address only those issues that are within the limits of their jurisdiction.
2. Your problem will be resolved at any time. They do solve the problem only in their specified working time.
3. You can always contact with someone included in your events. They will learn about a problem when it appears.
4. You can consult with your personal lawyer before the problem has gotten out of hand. Usually, people adress the lawyer (attorney) when the problem is already making certain damage.
5. Personal lawyer being in the context of your current events can provide you with precautionary warning of impending problems on their own initiative. Regular lawyer (attorney) is not interested in warning you about impending problems, because it is financially disadvantageous to them.
6. You can ask your personal lawyer the most detailed, minor significance questions. Adressed only on significant issues.
7. You may seek advice not only for yourself but for people in your environment and it will not cost you extra. Very few dare to seek the lawyer (attorney) for friends and family issues that arise because of is additional cost.
8. You do not need to search for specialist yourself, because we will chose a lawyer, an expert who specializes in a particular area. The client will spend a lot of time trying to  find the most appropriate and qualified lawyer or a attorney without being sure of its expertise.
9. The relationship of personal lawyer and a client is a lot of closer, therefore they could help you solve not only legal issues, but also answer all other questions from their or their fellow experts areas of expertise. Lawyer (attorney) communicate businesslike only within the limits in specific raised issues.
10. Personal, family lawyer is paid a fee clearly stated in subscription contract therefore you will always know that you will not spend more on a consultation than stated. Lawyer (attorney) prices for the services is vague and uncertain. At the end of work you could be surprised by its size.

If you want to consult us or receive an offer specifically for you, please, contact us

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