Public procurement administration

Justicija, UAB Public Procurement Administration

Public Procurement – is an act of obtaining goods or services by contracting authorities (state or municipal institutions as well as companies), which purpose is to sign a public procurement contract. In detail procedure is laid down by the Public Procurement Act and to its implementation related laws.

Justicija, UAB helps its clients to implement all public procurement associated procedures.

We provide our services to both Contracting authorities and Suppliers (participants) who wish to take part in in public procurement.

For Contracting authorities we help to create a public procurement legal basis, choose the method of procurement, draw up a tender documents and conclusions regarding their compliance with the legal acts, we also assist in preparing procedural documents (acts, protocols, etc.), in the rights of experts we represent the contracting authorities in procurement commission work and advise on various matters relating to procurement.

For Suppliers (participants) who wish to take part in in public procurement we carry out the contracting authority‘s procurement conditions analysis, assist in preparing proposals in accordance with the requirements of procurement documents and correspondence with the contracting authority, advice on public procurement and providing claims as well as represent clients in procurement procedures.

Justicija, UAB lawyers and professionals have a long experience in procurement administration, therefore we can guarantee you that the services of Public Procurement Administration we provide will be of the highest quality.

Please contact us by phone or email to arrange consultation.

We will provide you with detailed information on all necessary documentation needed for procurement organization or participation and other information.


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