Legal services for companies and institutions

UAB Justicija Legal Services for businesses

Do you have any overdue obligations? Are you participating in a public procurement? Is your workplace and fire safety documentation unordered therefore you are at a risk of heavy fines? Do you have problems with controlling authorities or companies that provide services and carries out the work to you?

If you encounter any of these problems – we can help you!

We provide the following services:

  1. Legal
  2. Debt administration
  3. Accounting
  4. Workplace and fire safety
  5. Expert
  6. Public procurement administration

Special offers!

Legal services for companies and institutions:

We offer three different options of cooperation:

  1. Subscription contract with a fixed monthly fee without additional costs.
  2. Subscription contract to a free oral legal advice of any kind. Additional services will be charged to an hourly rate of 40 EUR.
  3. Signing a contract under which you can always turn to us in all matters. Hourly rate 60 EUR.
  4. Choose the most consistent „Business Lawyer“  plan for your company needs. Subscription fee depends on the nature of business activity and number of employees and varies from 120 to 240 EUR per month (the hourly rate without a contract is 80 EUR).

Accounting services starts from 60 EUR

Independent expert services.

Simple answers to your difficult questions!

If you sign any other contract, our expert services will cost 50% less!

Expert services hourly rate is 90 EUR (incl. VAT). With a subscription contract for expert services price for any other additional work will cost only 40 EUR/hour (incl.VAT).

Why is it worth to employ a legal and accountancy services company?

  • You don‘t need to hire a lawyer, an accountant or an economist and pay their salary, income and Sodra taxes – it is much cheaper.
  • It doesn‘t require a free workplace in your office, expensive computers and accounting software.
  • You don‘t need to subscribe to a special literature, pay for courses or seminars, but you will always be sure of your hired professional competence and abilities.

All this and more for you at a very reasonable price!

If you want to consult on which offer or services best suits you and your company needs –  feel free to contact us.

+370 698 08419 or

Justicija – Simple answers to your difficult questions.


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