Business lawyer – optimal plan

Starting from 300 EUR (excl. VAT)

The plan includes:

  • a preventive stamp;
  • pre-judicial and judicial debt collection from legal persons;
  • administration of promissory notes;
  • analysis of all kinds of legal and non-legal documents, assessments and proposals
  • preperation, evaluation and enforcement of various contracts, mediation in disputes arising from contracts in contractual and pre-contractual relations;
  • founding documents of a company, controlling institution, legal owners decision or other documents preperation, execution procedures of the authorized capital change, securities acounting management and formalization of company‘s securities transaction;
  • preperation of company‘s internal rules and other related to the organization documents
  • employment contracts, material responsibility agreements and other employment-related legal document preparation and evaluation;
  • no bankruptcy liquidation procedure, management of reorganization processes;
  • representation of a client in other legal entities in bankruptcy and restructuring processes, preperation of related documents, assessment and proposals;
  • legal representation of a client in relations with state and local government institutions, enterprises, institutions, organizations, notaries, bailiffs, bankruptcy and/or restructuring administrators, and other persons (other than courts);
  • preperation of complaints, claims and applications, drafting of pleadings, selection of the appropriate attorney/lawyer of client representation in the courts

Additional services that are not a part of the subscription starts from 50 EUR/h (excl.VAT)

Prices for services without a subscription contract starts from 80 EUR/h (excl. VAT)

Litigation with a subscription contract starts from 70 EUR/h. (excl. VAT).

Prices without a subscription contract starts from 90EUR/h (excl. VAT).

The price of Business lawyer The Optimal plan will depend on the size of a company, number of employees and preliminary workload.


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