Business lawyer

Justicija, UAB offers a Business lawyer service

Dear Costumer,

Imagine a business lawyer as a person with whom you can consult before the problem has gone out of hand.

He or she will undertake to deal with any legal problem raised at any time and will be paid a subscriber fee clearly stated in the contract, therefore you will always know that you will not spend more on consultations.

Justicija, UAB offers you a completely new service in Lithuania – Your business lawyer

Our goal:

  • Providing you with prophylactic and preventive legal advice.
  • Perform an oversight of your daily business affairs, and provide a first aid if necessary.
  • Refer you to the best specialists of the required fields.

Why choose Justicija, UAB  provided YOUR BUSINESS LAWYER service?

Your needs and problems actually will be taken care by not only one lawyer, but many specialists or lawyers who specialize in different areas. Our company has the ability to select a qualified person with significant professional experience to the relevant problem.

Monthly/annual subscription fee is lesser than the average lawyer/attorney’s fee.

We offer three Business lawyer subscription plans with a fixed fee for legal services.

Depending on your company’s needs you can choose either The Minimum plan, The Optimal plan or The Maximum plan.

We also offer the opportunity to create an individual Business lawyer‘s plan customized specifically for your company. Other services such as accounting, or legal services which are not included in your chosen plan will be subject to a discount.

For more information feel free to contact us!


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