Business lawyer – Minimum plan

Starting from 150 EUR (excl. VAT)

The plan includes:

  • A preventive stamp(An effective tool to encourage customer or a debtor to properly and timely comply with their obligations and financial settlements. Preventive stamp warns that failure to meet the obligations on time and properly will mean that their administration will be entrusted to professionals.
  • Pre-trial debt collection from legal persons (We will inform your customers about their breach of obligations, will send prompts to pay their debt, combine debt repayment terms and the individual payment schedules).
  • Legal advice given orally and via e-mail(Individual business, labor, civil and other legal relations).

Additional services that are not a part of the subscription starts from 50 EUR/h (excl.VAT)

Prices for services without a subscription contract starts from 80 EUR/h (excl. VAT)

Litigation with a subscription contract starts from 70 EUR/h. (excl. VAT).

Prices without a subscription contract starts from 90EUR/h (excl. VAT).

The price of Business lawyer The Minimum plan will depend on the size of a company, number of employees and preliminary workload.

If you would like to discuss about our legal services:

Please contact us 8 5 272 7614, or


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