Representation of clients

Client representation services is included in the Justicija, UAB provided Personal lawyer‘s package.

You might need a representation not only in courts, but also in other public institutions and in relation with physical and legal persons. Justicija, UAB service – client representation will help you in various life situations.

You will always have a qualified representative who will promptly and effectively deal with whatever legal issues you might have and physically represent you in all of your legal matters.

Such service owners can entrust their questions to the professionals and not waste their precious time continuing their daily activities.

Justicija, UAB Representation of clients includes:

  • Advice on all legal matters (in writing and orally).
  • Representation in the negotiations on contracts and in case of a legal dispute – in the signing of the peace agreement.
  • Representation in relations with the physical as well private and public legal persons (companies, institutions, organizations, etc.)
  • Representation in legal labor relations disputes.
  • Client representation in various state and local government institutions.
  • Representation in pre-judicial dispute settlement bodies.
  • Lithuanian Republic courts.

We file applications to the courts, we obtain permits, we extend the terms, we get clarification on various procedures. Client representation in court volume depends on your selected service package.

When representing clients we perform all legal and related procedures for them. Not only we prepare documents, but represent them physically in a process.

Justicija, UAB has a long experience in both physical persons and legal persons advocacy.

Monthly customer representation fee is 70 EUR. As from this amount, every month builds up 30 EUR.

With the collected amount client can cover part of the the lawyer or the court fees.


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