Preparation of contracts

Justicija, UAB Preparation of contracts

When preparing any contract it is important to create it in a suitable form because a failure to comply with a contract may be invalidated or cause any other legal consequences. The contract, as a form of expression of will must be made properly. Contracts may be concluded verbally, in writing (simple and notarised) and in conclusive actions.

The conclusion of contracts is regulated by the Lithuanian Republic Civil Code. However, the law must be applied in conjunction with the already existing practice of contractual relations.

We will help you to properly assess your commitment in the contractual relations and create contracts that meet both form and content requirements.

Justicija, UAB provides the following preparation of contract services:

  • Drafting of contracts  such as sale-purchase contract, exchange contract, rent contract, donation contract, accommodation contract, land rent contract, usage contract, equipment rent contract, services contract, loans contract, peace contract etc.
  • Consulting on contracts, contract modifications, additions, additive preparations.
  • Providing  legal advice during contract‘s execution time, and during their discontinuation.
  • We carry out a legal analysis of contracts and prepare conclusions on the contract provisions compliance with the requirements of the law and the will of the parties.
  • We analyze whether or not to to supplement the contract, or is it expedient to apply to the courts or other authorities.

Adequately prepared contract and the understanding of it is necessary to:

  • Properly express your will
  • To help you in case of contractor’s insolvency or a failure to comply with the contract.
  • To help countries find a common solution to the problem without going to the court.

Justicija, UAB service includes not only the preparation, but also the execution maintenance of contracts.

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