Defense of honor and dignity

Persons Honor and Dignity defense – yet another Justicija, UAB legal service which is included in in the Personal lawyer‘s  package.

Freedom of the press and the the right to disseminate information are legitimate as long as it does not infringe someone else’s honor, dignity and privacy. Justicija, UAB will help you keep your personal and business reputation.

Defense of honor and dignity:

  • We will oblige the media to revoke slandering text or a degrading image.
  • We will help to peacefully resolve the dispute through negotiation.
  • When necessary, we will appeal to the court in civil proceedings for termination of illegal actions or compensation for caused damage;
  • We initiate a private complaint procedure in criminal proceedings.

Persons honor and dignity are moral values that are protected by law. The right to honor and dignity – is the right of individuals to demand that the public opinion about them would be formed by knowledge of their actual deeds, and moral assessment of them would comply with the way they really carry the moral laws common to all appropriate standard. Honor and dignity of the person is violated when false and degrading information or data is spread.

If honor and dignity demeaning information about a person is spread that does not conform with the reality – guilty individuals can be adapted to civil, administrative or criminal liability.

Physical person’s honor and dignity (legal entity‘s business reputation) are protected in court when:

  • There is not any, but a false data spread about the person – information must be untrue, such that actually was not (false, fabricate, made up).
  • The information does not correspond to the reality, is acknowledged subjective, unilaterall and which distorted or concealed events, causal relationships, links with other events or effects.

Data may be spread in various ways (through the media, official documents, letters and other writings, by e-mail, etc.). In addition, the data must be such that can be verified, for example, a person’s expressed opinion is not data. It should be noted that these rules applies to both – public information disseminators and individuals commenting in a public space. A victim has the right to apply to the court to deny spread data, as well as to compensate for its dissemination that caused them a material or  non-material damage.

It should be noted that after the death of a person the right to defense their honor and dignity have his or her spouse, parents and children, if the data does not comply with the reality about the deceased and are spreading humiliating their honor and dignity.

In the Civil Code Article 2.24



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