Consultation on tax matters

We advice Personal lawyer‘s service subscribers on various tax matters and represent them in state institutions and courts.

Justicija, UAB provide consultations on tax matters:

  • We advise on tax calculation and declaration issues.
  • We prepare applications and responses to the State Tax Inspectorate regarding tax payment deferral, tax overpayments crediting and refund, registration as a VAT payer, tax exemptions and other questions.
  • We prepare complaints concerning actions of tax administrators.
  • We prepare inquiries to the tax authorities.
  • We consult on income, real estate and other taxes issues.
  • We help to fill the personal income tax, individual (family) income tax, real estate tax declarations.
  • We provide advice on other tax matters.

Justicija, UAB will consult you on real estate, personal income, profits, added value, social insurance and other tax issues. We will advise you on taxes calculation and declaration, transactions taxes. We will help you to optimize your tax payments.

Tax consultancy services include representation of client in all tax administration institutions.

Tax consultancy services may be provided orally or in writing. During the consultations, you will receive not an abstract answer to the the tax issues you encountered, but we will provide a specific explanation of your inquiry while taking into account your individual needs.

Our company also provides accounting services. We will advise you on all accounting, finance and business management questions.

Justicija, UAB provided accounting services:

  • Document verification, inclusion in accounting programs.
  • Financial reports preperation.
  • Reporting to the state institutions.
  • Reports on the financial statements preparation and submission.
  • Consulting on accounting and other financial matters.

All this and more for an attractive price!


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