Wage recovery

When an employee was not paid their wage or other employment related payments, the employee must make a written request to the employer. If the employer fails to satisfy the request – the employee can contact us Justicija, UAB for the wage recovery  service and entrust all the work to us.

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It is important to know that:

  1. Timely initiation for a wage recovery

The employee belonging wage and other employment related amount can be awarded for a maximum of three years. Therefore, if the employer has failed to account to you – do not delay. The employer must fully settle with an employee on the day of his dismissal. Wage recovery can be initiated on the first day of delay in payment. When a delay to pay is not the employee’s fault, the employee shall be paid the average wage for the delay time.

  1. Employer proposed arrangements are not always useful

Sometimes the employer after a termination of employment offers to sign a contract-salary payments schedule. Such contract must be analyzed in detail in order to avoid your disadvantage of contractual clauses. After signing the payment schedule, you will not accrue an interest as well as other entitlements for the overdue time of wages payment.

  1. On the dismissal day of an employee it is recommended to have the following documents:

You have the right to require both parties (yours and the company where you work/worked) signed, stamped contract of employment with records that confirm the start of the employment contract, its changes, additions and termination.

You have the right to require the employer (their accounting) to issue a signed and stamped:

  • A certificate about your calculated and paid/withheld wages for the relevant period
  • A certificate on the work in the company where you are working/have worked.

If you want to consult or just check whether you behave properly feel free to contact Justicija, UAB lawyers.


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