Legal services for individuals

Justicija, UAB Legal services for individuals

Thinking about a divorce? Sharing the wealth? Want to order the child maintenance? Does the former spouse fails to comply with child support obligations and must be ordered the debt? Maybe employer fails to pay you a part of owned wage? Are you the victim of medical negligence and unprofessionalism? Do you have tax issues or other questions?

If you encounter these problems – we can help you!

Our goals:

  1. To help you quickly and painlessly obtain a divorce at the lowest possible cost.
  2. To help you recover the unpaid wage share as soon as possible while avoiding additional court fees.
  3. To ensure that a certain bussinesses won‘t earn from your expense using deceptions.
  4. To quickly regain the child’s money.
  5. To help if you have suffered from medical institutions or a doctor‘s negligence and unprofessionalism while providing health care services.

Justicija, UAB will also assist you in starting your own business, setting up a company or institution, consult you on associated legal establishment and financial issues.

We will consult you personally on the most appropriate legal entity type selection, handle all the documents necessary for the establishment of the company, we maintain accounting and so on.

All information on starting up a  business, can be found in: Companies and institutions establishment

We provide following legal services to individuals:

  • Companies and institutions establishment
  • Marriage dissolution (divorce)

Wage recovery

  • Debt recovery and alimony recovery
  • Lawyer services
  • Preparation of documents and representation in court;
  • Consultations on family tax matters

Why choose Justicija, UAB legal services?

  1. For us the most important thing is the result, not the process.
  2. We strive not to disappoint you and gain your confidence.
  3. The final payment for the services is only for the performed work.
  4. We provide high quality legal and accounting services for optimal price.
  5. We cooperate with lawyers and independent experts.
  6. We have a long experience – we are working in this field for more than ten years.

Best quality legal services at the lowest price!


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