Preparation of documents and representation in court

Preparation of documents and representation in court – provide the highest quality document preparation and judicial court representation services offering a qualified defense of your interests both in courts and pre-judicial dispute resolution institutions.

Justicija, UAB lawyers and attorneys guarantees a qualified:

  • Consultations in choosing the appropriate dispute resolution methods (advice provided orally and in writing)
  • Procedural documents (claims, reviews, statements regarding the issuance of the court order, complaints, appeals, claims, explanations and other necessary documents) preperation.
  • Private clients representation in:
  1. courts of all instances (in all Lithuania cities);
  2. state government, local government and other institutions;
  3. representation in pre-judicial dispute resolution institutions;
  4. negotiations on a peace contract signing;
  5. arbitration.
  • Court arbitration implementation of decisions control assurance.

Justicija, UAB court documents preparation and representation services ensures that procedural documents will be prepared on time, within the period determined by court, and will be consistent with all conditions set for them. You will be represented by an experienced, qualified professional of the legal field, in which you need assistance.

We will also control the execution of the court or arbitration made decision of your case.

These services will be provided at optimum cost, corresponding to the quality  and the nature of the service.

Preparation of documents and representation in court – entrust all your worries to us and we will take care of your dispute in court or pre-judicial dispute settlement body from the beginning to the end. We will prepare all the documents, physically represent you in court, which will allow you to to engage in your own business and not waste your time at court proceedings or caring for the proper preparation of procedural documents, forms, accompanying documents and procedural deadlines. We take care of judicial or arbitral decision implementation control other legal forms of action.


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