Debt and alimony recovery

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Debt collection is law permitted measures against the debtor for the purpose of fast and efficient recovery the debt at the lowest cost.

It can be pre-judicial and judicial.

This is effective because it allows to speed up the payment of bills or to prevent the formation of bad debts.

Unpaid debt – is certainly not your ally.

Immediately contact a professional. Justicija, UAB will give you a a comprehensive assistance in recovering debts. The sooner you contact us for help, the more effective will be the work results. Of course, we will take only the debt recovery proceedings which realization actually can be useful to you. In each case, we assess your capability to recover the debt, not only judicially, but also in other potential legitimate ways.

Remember that any debt needs to be legalized properly – you need to conclude a a loan agreement, draw up a debit note or get the borrower’s promissory note.

Inexpensive and convenient maintenance of document preparation for the court.

The maintenance of a child is required to be provided by both parents. The maintenance amount is determined in proportion to the parents’ income and in accordance to the child’s needs.

Contact us, if your child is not provided with maintenance and you want:

  • adjudge maintanence (alimony) for your underage children;
  • if alimony (maintenance) has already been adjudged – increase the size of children maintenance (alimony);
  • reduce the adjudged child maintenance (alimony) size;
  • adjudge child maintenance (alimony) debt of the last 3 years;

Note: If the spouse does not pay the adjudged child maintenance, it will paid by the state.

If you want to consult on which services are needed specifically for you?

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