Project management

Project management is a guarantee of a successful implementation of the project.

Justicija, UAB specialists and partners, by providing our customers with with this service, undertakes to effectively control the project and react promptly to any changes arising in this stage of the project in order to ensure its smooth progress and successful implementation.

Project management includes:

  • Implementation of the procedural part of project administration – formation of the project management team (project manager and chief financial services), contract enforcement, preparation of reports and payment claims (for projects receiving EU Structural Funds assistance), ensuring publicity of the project, project publicity assurance, project monitoring as it develops, client representation in EU support funds administering institution, results of project‘s development quality analysis, work processes evaluation and achievements control, project performance evaluation, adjustments and etc.
  • Financial management of the project- preparation of expenditure justification documents, payment requests, intermediate and final reports.

Justicija, UAB

Project management services:
• Full arrangement of documents before the support funds contract is signed;
• contract drafting;
• coordination of documents with the sponsoring agency;
• preparation of payment requests;
• reports preparation (of regular activities, annual, final)
• project finances management (accounting-keeping, financial statements and other documents preparation)
• coordination of project events;
• the company’s internal writings associated with the project management preparation and other project management related services.

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