Lawyer services for companies

Legal services for companies and other legal entities

Efficiency of legal service for a company depends on the legal field in which you encountered a problem and hired lawyers‘ professional experience.

UAB Justicija provides lawyer services to companies, institutions and other forms of legal entities.

We choose a suitable lawyer for your company‘s judicial or arbitral representation.

It should be noted that a right lawyer is highly important factor for a successful judicial process – we guarantee that our chosen lawyer will be a proffesional in its field. A qualified and experienced expert will ensure you a successful outcome of the judicial process. Such lawyer will have experience specifically to your legal needs and will provide you with professional guidance in court proceedings and less time consumption during the preparation of case.

Lawyer services for companies are provided in these areas of law:

  • Civil Law (contract law, law of obligations, company law, property law, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and so on);
  • Employment law (labor disputes at labor dispute committees and at all levels of courts, legal recruitment relations, labor contracts and variations, dismissal, salary recovery, disciplinary sanctions, full and partial material responsibility of an employee, work and workplace safety, health of employees and other individual and collective legal labor relations.)
  • Administrative Law (appeals against the administrative penalties given by governmental and local government institutions, construction law, municipal law, police law, foreigners law, filing of complaints at all levels of the administrative courts, etc.).
  • Tax law (tax disputes in tax authorities and courts);
  • Commercial law (commercial legal relationships);
  • Business Law;
  • Competition law and other areas of law.

Justicija, UAB cooperates with many experienced lawyers who are our long-standing partners.

We will ensure that selected lawyers competence and our offered optimal price will be corresponding to the actual cost of the existing problems. Our provided lawyer services for companies is cheaper than applying directly to the law firm.

Justicija, UAB lawyers-partners list can be found under Our lawyers.

Lawyers list is not exhaustive. In each particular case, we offer you a lawyer regarding to the situation or circumstances.

For more information on this service – feel free to contact us for a consultation!