Independent expertise

An independent expertise – Justicija, UAB provided service for businesses and individuals. We provide independent legal, financial and project accounting expertise.

An independent expertise is required in the following cases:

  • If you wonder if there is a good fit for your insurance claim settlement issue
  • if are not sure where to apply for a compensation for done damage
  • if you are unsure whether it is worthwhile to appeal to the court
  • If you are uncertain whether the public servant does not abuse their duties
  • if you feel that your land administrators delays solutions of your issues
  • if you disagree with the determination of damages done to you
  • if it is unclear within what limits you can exercise your disposition in legal actions
  • if you are having issue on which you are feeling inadequately competent and seek a professional advice from the side
  • if you need an arbitrator for a legal dispute

In these and in other cases, Justicija, UAB is ready to help you.

We cooperate with many qualified professional of their fields, who are Justicija, UAB long-term partners.

Our list of experts can be found under Our specialists

The list is not exhaustive. In every case we decide on a specific expert selection for a problem you might have to deal with.

It should be noted that professional‘s qualification and experience have a significant impact on the quality of the service. Proper selection of experts will guarantee you a faster and more efficient solution of the encountered problem and help you reduce your spent time and expenses.

An independent expertise may be performed all over Lithuania.

More information is available during the consultation.

On the the need for independent expertise and its efficiency for your company to specifically tackle the problem, we consult in writing and orally directly in our offices, by e-mail or telephone.

You may contact us or by calling +370 5 2727614


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