Expert representation

When expert representation is necessary:

  • If you have a dispute in which representation of your interests is required, and you are not competent
  • If you want to learn the real chances of winning the dispute, or to negotiate the most suitable conditions
  • If you encounter extraordinary problems and are not sure where to look for the proper representation
  • If you want to evaluate your future or a current business partner
  • If you are going to reorganize or restructure your company

On these and on other cases – you require expert representation.

Justicija, UAB cooperates with a number of experienced lawyers and experts, who are our partners, therefore we can offer many qualified experts in their fields to represent your interests in state institutions or courts.

A large list of lawyers and experts specializing in specific areas will professionally represent your interests.

In each particular case you encounter a problem, we will find the necessary expert or a legal counselor, depending on the area where problem occurred or a dispute evolved. You can be confident that our chosen expert or a lawyer to you will be a qualified proffessional of a required field who will guarantee you more successful outcome of the dispute at the trial or simply an impartial and qualified assistance in solving a different problem.

Our lawyers and experts can be found in Our specialists.

The list is not exhaustive. In every case we decide on the most appropriate professional selection for expert representation of your interests

More information can be provided in the arranged consultation.

We consult about expert representation both in writing and orally.


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