Areas of expertise

Justicija, UAB areas of expertise:

1) Public procurement administration and their legal assessment

2) Tax policy

3) Transport damage and businesses vehicle fleet management

4) Insurance complaints and lawsuits

5) Strategic enterprise management, holding structures

6) Finance management

7) Price and energy control

8) Permits and licenses

9) Real estate and property reparation issues

10) Administration and workflow management in companies

11) Labor and collective disputes

12) Legal analysis of the audit

13) National security and public order

14) Police administrative activities and public order

15) Science and education system

16) Public information supervision

17) Care and social welfare

18) State Institution activities

19) The legislative process

20) Lobbying activities

21) Scientific infrastructure

22) The organization of TV projects, producing

23) Nano-technology and bio-materials

24) Public health care

25) Commercial agreements, civil liability

26) Strategic management of the company

27) Human resource management

28) Communications and sales

29) Marketing strategy and management

30) Various projects management

31) Changes and the organization development

32) Finances management.

Areas of of expertise list is not exhaustive, we will select best experts in the field, when we will learn more of your questions and the specific circumstances.

Our experts price rate is 90 EUR/h (incl. VAT).

Additional services that are not a part of the subscription costs 40 EUR/h (incl. VAT).

Expert conclusions can be provided in all the areas mentioned above

Justicija, UAB provides expert services all over Lithuania.

If you are uncertain about what type of specialist expertise you need – feel free to contact us, we will consult you and find you a suitable expert.

Consultations on the expert services can be provided both orally and in writing.


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