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Justicija, UAB Work safety services

Fines for employer for safety and health violations could cost the company much more than proper arrangement of documentation and working conditions.

Work safety (ocupational safety) – all preventative measures which are used or planned at all stages of company‘s development intended for employee‘s health and life at work to save. Goal of implementation of these measures is to protect employees or minimize the risk of occupational dangers. The main occupational safety and employees health status characteristics are the number of occupational accidents and incidence of occupational diseases.

Work safety services:

  • Review and assessment of the company‘s existing safety and health documentation.
  • Assistance in addressing the identified shortcomings and management of occupational safety and health documents.
  • Preperation of mandatory occupational safety and health documents, such as:
  1. Occupational health and safety instructions;
  2. Instructional procedure establishment module, company‘s manager‘s internal orders regarding occupational safety and health;
  3. Workers mandatory medical examination scheduling, compulsory medical check-contingent selection;

Justicija, UAB also prepares the following documents:

  • Rules of procedure;
  • Staff regulations;
  • Preparation of documents, determining and issuing the needed personal protective equipment for worker, personal protective equipment issuing formalities;
  • Work safety and health services establishment; company’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee‘s establishment;
  • All of mandatory company‘s journals selection, initial filling of it and an explanation of how to fill it later;
  • Fire safety documentation preparation (instructions, procedures in case of a fire plan, evacuation plan, etc.);
  • Consultation on work safety and health, labor law issues.

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