Articles of association amendment

Since the year 2015 Lithuania changes its national currency to euro, therefore all companies (LLC/UAB) are required to change their Articles of Association, expressing the share capital amount in euros.

State given term is about to end, changing the Articles of Association must be made by 2016 December 31st.

JUSTICIJA – performs the procedures for amendment of the Articles of Association – professionally and quickly.

The procedure of amendment Articles of Association can be carried out in a traditional or electronic form:

  • The conversion of share capital and the nominal value of the shares from LTL into EUR and registration procedure;
  • Amending the contents of the Articles of Association under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania approved form.

Price of changing the Articles of association in electronic form: EUR 60.

Price of changing the Articles of association in traditional way: from EUR 100.

Please contact us and let’s start the work:

Justicija, UAB  service plan „Business Lawyer” holders can change their Articles of Association free of charge!

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Ordering amendment of Articles of Association for companies and signing a contract for legal services will give you 25% discount for Articles of Association amendment!


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