Accounting – „Your accountant”

Are you a new company and need an accountant?

Perhaps you consider building a business and looking for a responsible professional to handle your accounting?

Maybe you are already a long-established company, but do not know whether your existing accountant is qualified or responsible enough to manage your company’s accounting, or doesn‘t have time to raise their qualifications and constantly follow the law?

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the available accounting services cost? And is it even worth to hire an accountant for the company?

Properly kept accounting is extremely important factor for the entire lifetime of the company.

Justicija, UAB provided accounting services for companies are of the highest quality, because our employees are highly qualified professionals with extensive accounting experience in various fields, completely liable for the quality of their work therefore guaranteeing a neat accounting management.

We help to establish companies and institutions!

  • If your company signs a contract with us for a period no less than 6 months for the accounting services we will advise, prepare documents, help you establish a company free of charge!
  • Professional accounting with a service plan „YOUR ACCOUNTANT – for a reasonable price!
  • Accounting price: EUR 60/month. (excl. VAT)

Primary processing of documents:

  • purchase and sales invoices recording;
  • cash registration documents;
  • advance statements registration;
  • bank documents;
  • various other primary documents registration and verification;
  • entering of information into the accounting program.

Fixed assets:

  • fixed asset accounting;
  • commissioning acts;
  • depreciation statements;
  • assistance for the correct inventory taking.


  • calculation of wages, holiday pay and other employee benefits;
  • tax calculation.

Preparation of reports for the Head of the company:

  • profit and loss statement;
  • balance sheet (by demand of the Head of the company- on a monthly or quarterly basis);
  • debt statement;
  • use of money summaries of the accountable individuals;
  • checkout records of the company;
  • annual financial statements.

Preparation of reports to various authorities:

  • monthly and annual tax declaration for Tax Inspection authority (STI);
  • reports for SODRA;
  • various other reports for STI, Sodra, the Department of Statistics and others.

Solutions for sloppy accounting management:

  • full revision of accounting;
  • primary documents examination;
  • in case of necessity, we will manage previous accounting periods of your company anew;
  • revised declarations preparation and submission to the authorities;
  • debtors summary reports and payment deadlines statements.

Staff records:

  • Since the employment of the staff to the full required paperwork.

Farmers accounting management:

  • we specialize in Farmers accounting management.
  • We provide skilled and high quality accounting services for small, medium and large companies by taking full responsibility for correct accounting management.

Attention! If your company signs a contract for no less than a 6 months period with us for accounting services we will help you to establish company or institution and prepare the neccesary documents free of charge!

Looking for qualified acounting services and need a proposal specifically for you?

Contact us!

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