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  About us: UAB „Justicija” provides legal and accounting services to individuals, institutions and companies. In his work we carry out for more than ten years. We are actively expanding company. We accept more than one construction, transportation and other service businesses, as well as provide legal services to municipalities, universities, pension, vocational training centers and other educational institutions.

UAB „Justicija” specializes in legal and accounting services of individuals and businesses or institutions. We were the first in Lithuania to provide a personal, family lawyer and expert services. Our long-term relationship with customers is one of our best evidence of fair employment.

    Our goalto provide timely and high-quality services and meet customer needs. We are a team that has a long experience in working with both private equity firms and the public sector.

    Our goal is to accurately respond to changes in tax laws and innovate constantly and quickly create tangible and effective benefits to our customers, are not afraid to take on the obligations and responsibilities of both the legal and accounting management.

    If you have a lot of unresolved legal issues or looking for a company that handles the bookkeeping, and maybe you start your business, you want to set up a new company and you need advice on how to do things right and do so quickly – please contact us. Trust your worries to us and you will not have to search for individual fields.

„Justicija” is ready to provide you with a full range of services, which is required of every modern company. We will consult you on all issues raised by you, we will help to quickly set up a company or institution to sort out accounting, represent your interests both in courts and other institutions.

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New companies establishing services: Companies and institutions establishment

UAB „Justicija” also provides legal services in connection with the recovery of wages and other labor law relationships.

If you are an employee and want to know more about their rights, or do not get in time salary and perhaps the employer presses you leave your job, feel free to contact. We will answer any questions you might have. If you need to represent the labor dispute committee or court.

In our legal services provided to persons list is available at: Legal services for persons ir Personal lawyer.

UAB „Justicija” provides legal and accounting services in Vilnius, Marijampolė, Kazlų Rūda, Vilkaviškis and other Lithuanian cities.

About us: UAB „Justicija” in press


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