Independent experts

Independent experts cooperating with Justicija, UAB:


Renas Bradūnas

Competence: Police administrative activities, operational activities.

Education: Master of Laws degree

Competency experience: R. Bradūnas firm – lawyer, Marijampolė Police Headquarters interrogation department‘s investigator, Deputy Chief (10 y.), State Security Department (5 y.)


Tadas Bruzgulis

Competence: Event organizing, TV projects, producing.

Education: Bachelor of Accounting degree.

Competency experience: creative home ELITAZ, UAB CEO (6 y.), Čilinam, UAB director (? y.)


Paulius Čelkis

Competence: Public health care, ensuring the environment safe for health, public health inspection, communicable disease control.

Education: Master of Laws degree.

Competency experience: State Public Health Authority under the Ministry of Health Care – deputy director (8 y.), Mykolas Romeris University – Faculty of Law, Philosophy and History Cathedral (11 y.)


Kestutis Kirejevas

Competence: Strategic corporate management, holding structures and finances.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in international business, Concordia International University.

Competency experience: Arpresa, UAB, Šviesa, UAB, Alma Littera, UAB (10 y.) – director of finance.


Tadas Palevičius

Competence: Transport damage, corporate fleet management.

Education: Bachelor‘s degree in Advertising management.

Competency experience: Autoparko valdymo sprendimai, UAB (1 y.) Industrijos garantas, UAB (6 y.) – insurance claims expert.


Kristijonas Paliūtis

Competence: Land management and other property restitution matters.

Education: Vilnius University, International law.

Competency experience: Stasys Šedbaras law firm – Lawyer (5 y.), LRS Committee on Legal Affairs Assistant to the Chairman (6 y.)



Dovilė Satkauskienė

Competence: Mediation and enforcement proceedings.

Education: Mykolo Romerio University, Business law Master’s degree. Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuanian philology Bachelor’s degree, Vilnius Pedagogical University, a three-year Finnish language studies.

Competency experience: Improvement of legal system reforms, consulting and moving into cyberspace (Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, bailiffs institutional reform framework creation, reform of the legal framework project development). Many years of cooperation experience in international organizations (UIHJ – International Union of Judicial Officers) and ICC – International Chamber of Commerce), participation in international private and national projects. Lithuanian chamber of enforcement agents director (since 2007 – until now), Lithuanian Business Confederation (ICC Lithuania) Member of the Presidium ( (since 2008 – until now). Lithuanian chamber of enforcement agents expert – legal consultant (2005 – 2007). Providing legal advice since 2002.



Vaidas Šalaševičius

Competence: Administrative and workflow management in companies, collective labor disputes.

Education: Master of Law degree.

Competency experience: Marijampolės Kolegija, labor and business law lecturer (10 y.), business and legal consultant (8 y.) Justicija, UAB director (8 y.), private law practice (11 y.), Marijampolė County Administrative Disputes commission deputy chairman (6 y.)


Kestutis Žiemys

Competence: auditing, legal audit analysis, lobbying activities.

Education: – Bachelors degree in auditing, lobbyist.

Competency experience: Law Firm of Marijampolė, Marijampolė College.