We know that you are busy creating well-being for yourself and your family every day, and you value convenience, simplicity and efficiency. We know you hope that the decisions you make will be most beneficial to you and your loved ones, and Family and Personal Lawyer will help you when you need it most.

We provide a unique opportunity to use the services of a personal lawyer. So, from now on you will have a counsellor to help you create and maintain your well-being and position in society.

We are curious what legal or financial issues arise in your daily life

Family and Personal Lawyer will help you if you are dealing with unjust bailiffs, angry neighbours or demanding bankers? Buying or renting an apartment, borrowing money, cannot find common language with state authorities? Writing a complaint or making a small contract? Perhaps your employer is asking you to leave voluntarily?

Or maybe you are a VAT payer or you are planning to fill in your annual income and tax return?
Interested in your family’s income and expenditure balance? You are missing information about current tax or traffic rules issues? Or maybe you: Have a baby? Buying a home? Getting married? Waiting for surgery? Divorcing? Are you raising a child? Are you going to settle with your significant other? Got a new job? Taking care of elderly parents? Disagree with your neighbour? Are you experiencing the loss of a loved one? Starting a business? Are you going to take out insurance?

In any case, you will have to make a decision that requires some legal knowledge.

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What is the difference between UAB Justicija's Personal Lawyer service and the usual lawyer or advocate?

Nr. Family and personal lawyer Ordinary lawyer or advocate
1. The Personal Lawyer undertakes to resolve any legal issue that may arise. He undertakes to solve only those problems that are within his competence.
2. The problem will be resolved at any time. He will only deal with the problem during his working hours.
3. You can always contact the person who is in the context of your events. The problem will only get acquainted with when it occurs.
4. You can consult with a personal lawyer before the problem reaches an out-of-control limit. Usually, a lawyer / attorney is consulted when a problem arises or even after it has become rooted.
5. A personal lawyer in the context of events can, on his own initiative, proactively warn of impending problems. An ordinary lawyer (lawyer) is not interested in warning of imminent problems, as it is financially unprofitable for him.
6. You can go to a personal lawyer for the smallest, most minor issue. Only significant questions are addressed.
7. You can seek advice not only for you, but also for people in your environment, at no additional cost. It is rare for someone to be willing to go to a lawyer (solicitor) for questions of friends or family because it costs extra.
8. You will not need to look for a specialist yourself, as we will select a lawyer, an expert who specializes in that area. The client will spend a lot of time having to find a lawyer or attorney in their field without being certain of their competence.
9. A personal lawyer has a much closer relationship with his client, so he can help not only solve legal issues, but also answer all the other questions in areas that he and his fellow experts specialize in. A lawyer (lawyer) communicates in a constructive manner only within the limits of the specific issues raised.
10. The personal, family lawyer will be paid a clear, known subscription fee and you will always know that you will not spend more on the consultation than the contract stipulates. The cost of a lawyer / solicitor is uncertain. At the end of the work you may be surprised by its size.


Family and personal lawyers are most needed by those who want a reliable counsellor to maximize well-being for themselves and their family.

We will provide you with prophylactic and preventive counselling, daily care and necessary first aid, and, if necessary, refer you to the best specialist (according to specialization and price). All this and more – for you, at a reasonable price.



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