We advise on various tax law issues, represent in state institutions and courts.

UAB Justicija provides legal advice on such tax issues:

Consulting on tax calculation and declaration issues;

We prepare requests and answers to the State Tax Inspectorate regarding deferred payment of taxes, crediting or refunding of tax overpayments, registration as a value added tax payer, application of tax benefits and other issues;

We prepare complaints about the actions of the tax administrator;

We prepare inquiries for the tax administrator;

Advising on income, real estate and other tax issues;

We assist in completing personal income tax, personal (family) property, real estate tax returns;

We also provide advice on other tax issues.



UAB Justicija will advise you on real estate, personal income, profits, value added, social security and other tax issues. We will advise you on how to calculate and declare taxes, tax your transactions and help you optimize your tax payment.

Legal advice on tax matters also includes representing clients in all tax administration institutions.

Tax advice can be given through verbal communication or in writing. During the consultation, you will not receive an abstract answer to your tax questions, but a specific explanation based on your individual needs.


Our company also provides accounting services. We will assist you with bookkeeping, advise on all aspects of accounting, finance and business management, whether you are a natural person (individual enterprise, business license) or a company or institution.

UAB Justicija accounting services:

document verification, entry to the program;

preparation of financial statements;

reporting to public authorities;

preparation and presentation of reports for financial statements;

accounting and other financial consultancy.

All this and more at an attractive price!

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