It is important that any contract is entered into in the proper form, as failure to do so may invalidate the contract or have other legal consequences. The contract, as a form of will, must be properly concluded. Contracts may be entered into verbally, in writing (in plain and notarized form) and by conclusive action.

Contracts are regulated by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. However, the law must be applied in conjunction with established practices in contractual relationships.

We will help you properly evaluate your contractual obligations and enter into contracts that meet both form and content requirements.

UAB Justicija provides the following contract preparation services:

  •  drafting contracts (purchase, sale, exchange, rent, donation, housing and land lease, lending, contract, service, loan, peace and other types of treaties);
  • consulting on issues related to conclusion of contracts, amendment and supplementation of contracts, preparation of annexes;
  • provision of legal advice during contract performance or termination;
  •  conducting legal analysis of contracts and drawing conclusions on compliance of contract provisions with the law and the will of the parties.

A proper understanding of the transaction and the features of the contract is essential to properly expressing your will, assisting the client in case of insolvency of the contractor or contract default. To assist the parties in finding a common solution to the problem out of court. We analyse whether it is necessary to supplement the contracts, whether it is appropriate to go to court or other authorities.
The service “Preparation of contracts” provided by UAB Justicija includes not only drafting of contracts, but also supervision and control of execution of the treaties.

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