We will help you implement solutions that protect the personal data processed by your company, institution or organization.

Key steps to integrate GDPR in your company / institution / organization:

1. Personal Data Protection Audit (screening of existing and new documents, media, software, etc., assessment of GDPR compliance).
2. Inventorisation of personal data processed by the institution / company / organization (data mapping).
3. Preparation of personal data processing documents of the institution / company / organization:
o Policy, rules and description of the implementation of personal data processing and storage;
o Rules on the implementation of the rights of the data subject;
o Description of the procedure for detection of personal data breaches and notification of personal data breaches;
o Rules for processing personal image data;
o Other rules, procedures and other documents as required.
4. Implementation of procedures and rules established by organizational and technical measures to ensure an adequate level of security as determined by GDPR.
5. Designation of a Data Protection Officer for the institution / company / organization (if deemed necessary).
6. Establishment of audit information and GDPR compliance, selection of organizational and technical measures to ensure proper implementation of GDPR requirements.
7. Continuous management of processes required for the proper implementation of GDPR.



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