You process personal data and you do not know whether the processing of personal data in your company complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We will help implement solutions that protect personal data processed in your company, institution or organization.

Main steps for integrating GDPR in your company/institution/organization:

  1. Personal data protection audit (checking of existing and new documents, media, software, etc., assessment of compliance with GDPR requirements).
  2. Inventory of personal data managed by the institution/company/organization (data mapping).
  3. Preparation of personal data processing documents of the institution/company/organization:
    • Personal data processing and storage policy, rules and description of the implementation of the rules;
    • Rules for implementing data subject rights;
    • Description of the procedure for determining personal data security violations and submitting a notification about a personal data security violation;
    • Rules for handling personal image data;
    • Other rules, procedures and other documents as needed.
  4. Implementation of procedures and rules established by organizational and technical measures to ensure the appropriate level of security established by the GDPR.
  5. Appointment of the data protection officer of the institution/company/organization (if it is determined that one is needed).
  6. Assessment of information determined by the audit and compatibility with the GDPR, selection of organizational and technical measures to ensure proper implementation of the requirements of the GDPR.
  7. Continuous management of the processes required for proper implementation of the GDPR.

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