When the employee is not paid his / her salary and other employment related benefits, the Employee must contact the employer in writing. If the employer does not approve the request, the employee may contact UAB Justicija for payment of wages and entrust us with the work.


In the case of on-going employment relationship, if late payment of wages or other employment-related benefits due to the fault of the employer occur, the employee shall be entitled to claim no less the amount of default interest determined by the Minister of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania.

If the employment relationship has ended, and the employee is not responsible for the employer’s delay in paying the employee, the employer must pay the employee his or her average monthly salary for a maximum of six months, depending on the number of months of delay in paying the employee. If the amount due is less than the average monthly salary of the employee, the employer must pay to the employee the amount of the delay multiplied by the number of months delayed, but no more than six months.

Agreements offered by an employer are not always beneficial.

Sometimes, after dismissal, the employer offers to sign a contract – a salary payment schedule. Such a contract must be thoroughly analysed to avoid contract points that are of no use to you. When you sign a payment schedule, you will not be charged interest on late payments and other allowances for late payment.

On the day of dismissal, the employee is recommended to have the following documents:

You have the right to request a stamped employment contract signed by both parties (you and the company you work for) with records that confirm the beginning, modifications, additions and termination of the employment contract.

You have the right to require your employer (accountant) to issue such signed and stamped statements:

A statement of the wages you have been charged and paid / unpaid for the relevant period,

Certificate of employment in the company where you work/ have worked.

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