Expert services are a great opportunity to trial our provided services without any long-term commitment. Independent experts are qualified specialists of their professional field with a thorough work experience.

Justicija co-operates with numerous qualified professionals of their field, who are continuing company‘s partners.


If you are looking to consult on your financial decisions and business perspectives;

If you are in need of consultations on specific business or financial area;

If you wish to evaluate the work carried out either by you, your partners or employees;

If you disagree with the assessment of the nature and extent of the damage you have suffered;

If you wish to stay clear of long-term commitments, but have a specific issue that needs to be resolved, yet you do not know where to refer to.


Service is provided for both business subjects and individual costumers

We perform independent legal, financial, accounting project expertise.

Independent expertise is required in such cases:

If questions occur on a proper solution to the issue of insurance claims;

If you are unsure for where to seek assistance for damage caused;

If you are unsure whether to refer to court;

If you are distrustful on whether public servant is not abusing its duties;

If you feel that land managers are delaying solutions to your questions;

If you disagree with damage determination;

If it is unclear to what extent you may use your disposition relating legal actions;

If you feel not competent enough yourself to solve risen issues and seek for professional advice from outside;


Every problem and each situation are specific and quite often demands deeper analysis. Qualification and professional experience of a practitioner has major influence on the quality of service. That said, a properly selected expert will guarantee faster and more effective solutions to risen issues and help you reduce time and money costs.

Hourly rate for our experts is 90 EUR (VAT included). For clients with subscription, prices for any additional works are only 40 EUR per hour (VAT included).
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When is expert representation required:

  • If you have a dispute that requires representation of your interests and you are not competent enough;
  • If you seek to know your true chances of winning a dispute or negotiating the right terms;
  • If you have encountered a non-standard issue and do not know where to seek for proper representation;
  • If you would like to evaluate your future or current business partner;
  • If you are planning to reorganise or restructure your company;
  • These cases, as well as some other ones, demand expert review.

We offer qualified professionals of their field to represent your interests in public authorities and courts. Justicija co-operates with many experienced advocates and experts that are partners of our company.

We offer qualified professionals of their field to represent your interests in public authorities and courts. ,,Justicija“ co-operates with many experienced advocates and experts that are partners of our company.

A sizeable list of lawyers and experts, who specializes in separate fields will lead a professional representation of your interests.

Areas of expertise:

1. Administration and legal assessment of public procurement
2. fiscal policy
3. Management of transport damage and corporate fleet governance
4. Insurance claims and lawsuits
5. Strategic corporate governance and holding structures
6. financial management
7. Prices and energy control
8. authorisation and issuing of licenses
9. Real estate and property restoration issues;
10. Administrative and work process management in companies
11. Work and collective disputes
12. Legal audit analysis
13. National security and public order;
14. Police administrative activities and public order;

15. Science and study system;
16. The functioning of state institutions
17. legislative process;
18. Lobbying;
19. Event organization, TV projects, production
20. Societal healthcare
21. Commercial contracts, civil liability
22. Strategic management of the company;
23. Personnel management
24. Communication and sales;
25. Marketing strategy and management;
26. Management of various projects
27. Change and organizational development;
28. Finance management;



Property and business valuation;

Real estate and real estate appraisals (included in the list of forensic experts);

Assessment and administration of medium and large-scale real estate damages;

Auditing of construction works and projects;

Real estate market research, analysis and feasibility studies.


At the request of natural or legal persons or on behalf of a court, judge, pre-trial investigation body, an investigation is carried out for which forensic medical knowledge is used;

Public health care, ensuring a safe environment for health, public health control, control of communicable diseases.

Kęstutis Kirejevas

Strategic corporate governance, holding structures, finance.

Tadas Palevičius

Transport damage, corporate fleet management.

Dovilė Satkauskienė

Mediation and execution process.

Kristijonas Paliūtis

Land management and other property restoration issues

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