UAB Justicija‘s service “Debt recovery” covers both debt prevention and mediation of debt collection.

Debt recovery is the application of legal remedies against a debtor with the aim of collecting debt quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Debt recovery can be pre-litigation and judicial.
Pre-litigation debt recovery is effective in speeding up the settlement of bills or preventing bad debts.

In the case of debt, time is definitely not your ally.
Contact a professional immediately. UAB Justicija will provide you with a wide range of debt recovery assistance. The sooner you contact us for help, the more effective your results will be. Of course, we will only take such a debt collection case that can be of real benefit to you. In each case, we will assess your chances of recovering the debt, not only through the courts but also through other possible legal means.

Remember that any debt needs to be properly legalized – by concluding a loan agreement, writing a debt note or getting a borrower’s bill.

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Debt prevention:

The purpose is to prevent them from occurring through tools such as risk assessment of potential business partners, proper formalization of relationships and effective enforcement measures – penalties (fines or default interests), pledge, surety, guarantee, etc. and legal auditing if your company has long standing business contracts without the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

Debt recovery:

It is a set of already existing receivables’ management tools, which help to reduce the risk of late payments, thus ensuring working capital stability and maintaining a positive relationship with your business partners.

Debt collection includes both pre-trial debt collection – sending prompts, signing debt instalment contracts, or debt recovery through court – preparing and submitting a writ of execution to court, sending a writ of execution to a bailiff, filing a claim, supervision of the enforcement of a debt recovery decision.

Each debtor is individually selected for the recovery methods based on the following methods:

  • search for a debtor,
    • identification of the debtor’s assets,
    • meetings with the debtor,
    • a written request for compliance,
    • visits by place of residence or work,
    • debt repayment schedule,
    • signing promissory notes,
    • inclusion of the debtor in the debtors’ register,
    • Dissemination of information on the debtor’s insolvency to interested parties (leasing companies, banks, workplaces).


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