A business lawyer is the person you can consult with before the problem reaches an out-of-control limit.

In most cases, the service of a business lawyer allows our clients to anticipate potential problems and keep them out of sight. Your business lawyer will be happy to address any legal issue you may have at any time. He will be paid a clear, subscription fee, as declared in the contract, and you will always know that you will not spend more on the consultation than is stipulated in the contract.

We offer a completely new product for all forms of business in Lithuania – Business Lawyer.


To provide you with prophylactic and preventive legal advice.

Take care of the daily affairs of your business and provide the necessary “first aid”.

When in need, to refer to the best specialist in the area you need.


Your case will not be handled by a single lawyer or attorney, but by relevant specialists who specialize in different fields.
Your daily questions will not require you to constantly search for the wrong information on the Internet or to call a new company every time, hoping for quick and correct advice at a low cost.
Our company has the opportunity to select a qualified, highly experienced professional to solve the problem when it is most needed.
We are constantly in touch with our clients, know their problems, the questions that arise, we are constantly in the context of events, so we can provide advice and help at the right moment.

The monthly / annual subscription fee is significantly lower than the average attorney / lawyer fees.

Based on our clients’ basic needs, we have developed three basic Business Lawyer subscription plans with a fixed legal service fee:

The Minimum Plan is to allow you to have regular legal counsel without overpaying for services. With this plan, we will perform basic legal work, consult and advise.

The Optimal Plan – if you have ongoing legal work, debtors, need to write various papers, prompts, frequently seek information from outside sources, or seek help from professionals than the Optimal plan is for You.

The Maximum Plan – designed for those who need a variety of legal services on an ongoing basis. If you have regular legal work, debtors, need to write various papers, prompts, you often seek information from outside sources, or seek help from professionals, but it is not yet worthwhile for you to hire a full-time qualified lawyer.


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150month/ plus VAT
150month/ plus VAT
  • preventive stamp;

  • pre-trial debt recovery from legal entities;

  • updates on changes in legislation (in your area of activity);

  • legal advice verbally or in writing (in client-friendly form);

  • For plan holders, we make changes to the statutes at no additional cost. We will also prepare confidentiality and non-compete agreements.


290/month plus VAT
290/month plus VAT
  • Minimum plan +

  • judicial (documentary procedure) and extrajudicial debt recovery from legal persons;

  • contract administration;

  • information on companies, their indebtedness, etc .;

  • analysis, evaluation and proposal of all types of legal and non-legal documents;

  • public procurement and work safety consultancy.


490/month plus VAT
490/month plus VAT
  • Minimum and Optimal plans +

  • preparation of contracts;

  • preparation and maintenance of the company's internal rules and other documents;

  • representation of a client in legal matters in companies and institutions (except in court);

  • other verbal and written consultations from the experts.

* The cost of additional works not included in the subscription after signing the contract is 50 EUR / hour plus VAT (no contract € 70 / hr plus VAT).
** Representation in court after signing the contract is 80 EUR / hour plus VAT (without contract 100 EUR / hour plus VAT).
*** We can create a customized “Business Lawyer” plan that meets the needs of your company.

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