The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires the employer to be personally responsible for maintaining the health and work capacity of his employees. It is necessary to save money in

business, so optimizing customer spending for maximum results is one of our top priorities.

Document management – our service in preparing new and validating existing documents in your company on occupational safety and health and data protection, which comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

We provide high quality consulting to existing companies on occupational safety and health, fire safety, industrial relations. Our work experience will help companies prepare for routine inspections, fulfil the employer’s duty, and ensure work safety.


Reviewing and evaluating existing company’s safety and health records;

Assistance in remedying identified deficiencies and handling safety records;

We will submit mandatory declarations to the State Labour Inspectorate;

We advise company managers on work safety issues;

The company will no longer need to look for and hire a qualified occupational safety specialist;

There will be no need to create a job place for an occupational safety worker, take care of their in-service training and certification, provide work equipment, pay taxes;

Part of your worries will be taken over by UAB Justicija occupational safety specialists;

Labour law issues are always on the table when making decisions in any day-to-day situation. By taking our services, not only will the employer save money, time, but also avoid extra hassle and tension;

We will represent the interests of the client in state control institutions;

Saves time for you and other company professionals, which you could devote to successful business development.

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We advise company managers on occupational safety issues

  • both preparation and application of occupational safety and health legislation,
  • choosing personal protective equipment, starting with new work equipment, technological processes, collective protective equipment;
    • labour law issues (hiring / firing, drafting of contracts);
    • in the event of an accident;
    • We consult on the basis of questionnaires prepared by the State Labour Inspectorate (general questionnaire of economic entities, etc.).

Preparation of the occupational safety documentation

  • Rules of Procedure;
  • Preparation of OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Authority‘s documents;
  • OSH Authority‘s regulations;
  • Job descriptions of the company manager performing the occupational safety and health service;
  • Staff Regulations (description) of the employee performing the functions of the OSH Service;
  • Preparation of OSH instructions;
  • Procedure for coaching employees;
  • Employees Health examination Procedures, filling in required forms;
  • Preparation of staff regulations;
  • Description of the selection of personal protective equipment for the employee;
  • Preparation of the Works Council module;
  • Incident investigation procedures;
  • Accident investigation procedures;
  • Intoxication determination procedures;
  • Preparation of documents for inspection of ladders and scaffolding;
  • Preparation of operating instructions for work equipment;
  • Personal Data Protection Policy;
  • The procedure and description of the election of employee representatives;
  • Introducing an informal training program within the company;
  • Works council documents and their implementation in the company.

And other documents required by your company, according to the activities of the company.




from 65€
from 65€
  • Updating of existing documents and preparation of missing documents;

  • We prepare fire safety documentation and draw simple evacuation plans.

  • + GIFT (FREE audit)


from 45€/monthly
from 45€/monthly
  • Document audit;

  • Long-term document maintenance;

  • Preparation and implementation of procedures for your company;

  • Work safety consultancy throughout the contract period;

  • Representation for inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate.

  • Preparation of fire safety documentation and simple evacuation plans.


from 145€
from 145€
  • Arrangement of work safety documents within a limited time;

  • Audit of work safety documents;

  • Preparation and implementation of procedures needed for your company;

  • Selection and issuing of personal protective equipment;

  • Selection of personal protective equipment;

  • Preparation of fire safety documentation and simple evacuation plans.


from 299€
from 299€
  • Audit of document security and work safety documents;

  • Arrangement of work safety documents;

  • Preparation of work safety procedures according to the needs of your company;

  • Consultations on work safety and document security issues;
  • Preparation of fire safety documentation and simple evacuation plans.

Prices for work safety and service plans are exclusive of VAT.

* The cost of a long-term plan depends on the number of employees:

– up to 5 employees the price is 45 €;

– up to 10 employees the price is 85 €;

– up to 20 employees the price is € 135;

– from 30 employees the price is negotiable.

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