UAB Justicija provides comprehensive consultations on issues of inheritance and family law, and has been providing answers to questions of clients for many years.

Common topics for consultation:
  • Marriage contracts;
  • Property and non-property rights of spouses;
  • Child support, adoption;
  • Guardianship and care;
  • Children’s rights;
  • Divorce, legal separation;
  • Inheritance.

Marriage contracts are registered in the Central Register of Marriage Contracts maintained by the Mortgage Office.

A marriage contract is an agreement between spouses that establishes their property rights and obligations when they are married as well as after divorce or separation.

A marriage contract can be concluded before the marriage is registered, which is a premarital contract. A post-marriage contract can be made at any time in a marriage that has already been registered.

Why is it worth entering into a marriage contract

The spouses agree, at their discretion, on the property acquired by each spouse prior to the marriage as well as on the property which was or will be acquired during the marriage. The spouses determine the legal regime of the property – whether the property will be joint ownership or partial co-ownership.

If the marriage contract establishes the legal regime of the estate, divorce proceedings will be much faster and cheaper.


We advise you on any issues you may have with regard to the division of the child support obligation in the event of divorce, the award of maintenance, the recovery of child maintenance debt, the adoption procedure and the preparation of documents.

If you do not know whether a marriage contract is worthwhile or what adoption procedures are in place, what documents you may need for adoption, how to establish child support in a divorce, what to do if your ex-spouse does not pay you and your children maintenance – feel free to contact us. We will answer any questions you may have and provide you with all necessary legal assistance.


We provide consultations on the documents required for succession acceptance and the succession acceptance process, on the distribution of inheritance assets and on all other matters related to inheritance law. We advise both the estate owners on the issue of the will, its approval and other matters, and the heirs regarding the acceptance of the estate.

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