About Company

The company’s lawyers and occupational safety specialists specialize in the areas of business law, data safety and occupational safety, providing comprehensive “Business Lawyer-Data Safety and Occupational Safety Specialist” services.

The goal of UAB Justicija is to provide timely and high-quality services and satisfy the needs of the client. We strive to respond accurately to changes in regulatory and tax developments, to create tangible and effective benefits for our clients on a continuous and expeditious basis, equally we are not afraid to assume responsibilities in both legal and accounting matters.


– UAB Justicija strives to be innovative in developing modern ways of providing services, applying the latest technologies and providing comprehensive services for business.

– Build long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and the highest standards of professional ethics. Concentrating joint efforts on a specific result.



– Personal responsibility is inseparable from personal freedom of expression;

– Successful process management is not based on detecting problems but on solving them quickly, based on strengths and a positive attitude;

– Dialogue is one of the most important success factors to mutual understanding between the client, the employees and the employer.



– Every employee of our company likes their job, which consequently influences their involvement in every task. Our success rate is based on trust and long-term customer relationships;

– Assessment of customer needs;

– Timeliness;

– Adaptation to change;

– Accurate communication.