2004 June 1st. UAB Justicija was founded. The company opens the first Business Consulting and Legal Services Centre in Marijampolė.

2005 UAB Justicija and its partners establish Marijampolė Business and Technology Park.

2006 becomes a member of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marijampolė branch.

2007 company with partners opens the first private Business Incubator in Marijampolė.

2008 UAB Justicija opens its branch in Vilnius city.

2009 The company moves its business centre and office to Vilnius.

2010 is the first in Lithuania to start providing personal lawyer services.

2011 was the first in Lithuania to create the product “Business Lawyer”.

2012 was the first company in Lithuania to provide independent expert services.

2013 branches in Druskininkai and Lazdijai were opened.

2014 the company becomes an associate member of the Lithuanian Business Confederation.

2015 the company with its partners establishes a Regional Business Development Association and becomes its president.

2016 The company’s business consultants are included in the Enterprising Lithuania Network of Business Consultants and start providing state-funded professional business consultancy.

2017 Head of UAB Justicija, appointed Head of the Expert Group of the Social Dialogue Project of the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. In the same year, the manager is elected to the Marijampole branch council of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2018 the company supports Lithuanian centenary projects.

In the same year, the head of UAB Justicija was delegated by the Lithuanian Business Confederation and appointed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to the Marijampole Regional Development Council.

2019 UAB Justicija joins BNI, the world’s largest communications and advice organization.

In the same year, the company becomes the winner of “Gazelė 2019”, also awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania 2019” certificate.

UAB Justicija company is certified as a class A leader in its business sector in the Baltic region.