There are many situations in life where you may need services of a lawyer. Whether this is your first time dealing with it, or you are needing legal professional from a different field, or just looking for a really good one, you probably don’t know where to look.

Justicija will facilitate this task, save you a lot of time and choose the right lawyer who is experienced in his field.

It should be noted that the right choice of lawyer is a very important factor for a successful trial. A qualified, experienced professional in your field will guarantee you a more successful result of the trial. Such an attorney will have experience in the specific area of law you need. This will ensure you have a professional litigation and less time spent preparing the case.

UAB Justicija cooperates with many experienced lawyers who are our long-term partners. We will ensure that the competency and cost of the lawyer is optimal, commensurate with the real cost of the problem at hand.


Civil Law (Contract Law, Family Law, Succession Law, Obligation Law, Corporate Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc.);

Labour law (employment legal relationships, conclusion of employment contracts, alteration of conditions, unlawful dismissal, salary recovery, damage compensation, occupational safety and health, etc.);

Social security law (social insurance, social security, social support for family, children and young people, social housing, social public administration, etc.);

Administrative law (imposition and contestation of administrative penalties, construction law, self-government law, aliens’ law, etc.);

Tax law (pre-trial and judicial tax disputes);

Commercial Law, etc.

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