Prevention of law is anticipation of future legal and other problems and prevention of their occurrence.

We will help you anticipate the problem and we will find out what troubles you may face and advise you on how to avoid them before you suffer major losses.

Prevention is needed when the following problems arise:
You have overdue commitments;
You face the wrong bailiffs, angry neighbors, or demanding bankers;
An independent consultant is needed who can answer questions quickly;
You buy or rent an apartment, lend money without finding common ground with state institutions;
You write a complaint or make a small contract;
You are interested in your family’s income and expenditure balance;
You lack information on topical tax or traffic regulations;
Maybe your employer is asking you to resign voluntarily?
Are you a VAT payer or do you intend to file your annual income / tax return?
Law prevention consists of the following services:
Legal advice (oral and written);
Legal audit – legal examination of documents, evaluation. Its purpose is to help avoid unreasonable risks, to obtain all relevant information. A legal audit may disclose information that is not reflected in the financial statements. The subject of the audit may be contracts, forward contracts, disputes, trade, employment relationships and other activities);
Assessment of current and future liabilities (financial and other liabilities are assessed);
Contract analysis (labor, purchase – sale, residential and land lease and other contracts).

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