Mediation (otherwise known as conciliation of civil disputes) is a way of amicable settlement of disputes through the mediation of a third impartial person – a mediator.

This dispute resolution procedure is effective in resolving commercial, consumer and business, family, inheritance, employment and many other disputes. Mediation is very suitable in cases where the relationship between the disputing persons is permanent, lasting for a long time.

Mediation agreements or other procedural documents concluded by the parties to the dispute through mediation, provided that such decisions do not contradict the mandatory legal norms, shall be formalized at the request of the parties. A settlement agreement approved under a simplified court procedure may be enforced.

This approach is special in that, despite the mediator’s involvement in the process, the parties to the dispute remain the parties themselves. This distinguishes mediation from court and arbitration, where the parties entrust the resolution of a dispute to “third parties” (judges or arbitrators). Thus, the mediator does not make decisions, it is the prerogative of the parties.

Each mediation procedure is unique, therefore the lawyers of UAB “Justicija” will evaluate the wishes and needs of the parties and select the most appropriate procedure.

There are certain stages of mediation:
Getting to know the problem and defining the issues to be addressed;
Collection of additional information and consultation with other professionals;
Negotiation, discussion and search for solutions by the parties;
Decision making and recording.
Mediation usually takes place in sessions of a couple or hours. Depending on the complexity of the dispute and the scope of the issues to be resolved, several or more sessions may be held.

UAB Justicija helps the parties to take advantage of the opportunities provided by out-of-court mediation and thus resolve the dispute much more expeditiously and economically.

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