Professionally lead bookkeeping holds major significance, whether it be a new company, or business in development. Thus, it is important to trust accounting to most knowledgeable professionals.

Perhaps you are considering building a business and looking for someone to responsibly handle your bookkeeping? Perhaps you are a long-time working firm, but you are doubting whether your accountant is qualified enough or whether your bookkeeping is done responsibly enough? Maybe you feel dissatisfied with your current cost of accounting services?

We offer Bookkeeping services from only 80€/month (VAT not included)

We have created an explicit pricing method, which we introduce with a commercial offer for every costumer in query. After contractual agreement, the price of accounting services will always be clear, since the contract will have a detailed price table in which you will always be able to see potential price changes according to the situation in your company.

Why is it useful to choose our accountant services?


Consultations from experts

By signing an accounting services agreement, you will be provided free consultations from our experts on business and tax law queries.


Long-term experience

Justicija provides with chief accountants with over 20 years of working experience.


Extensive practical experience

Company accountants have extensive practical experience in accounting for various companies.

Perhaps you doubt whether it is worth hiring an accountancy firm or an accountant you already hire? 

Usually everything depends on several key factors – financial documents and number of employees. These key criteria usually provide an initial picture of whether a company will save by hiring an accountant or is it better to choose a company whose accounting services will make you feel confident without wasting money where it is not needed.

UAB Justicija bookkeeping services will be provided by highly qualified specialists, who are fully responsible for the quality of their work, which can guarantee orderly accounting.

We also provide complex services: accounting and legal services – together.

In this case, our customers save even more and gain more benefits for themselves. You can read more about legal services, their benefits for you and your business by clicking on the following link: Legal Services



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Processing of source documents:

  • Registration of purchase and sales invoices;
  • Cash document registration;
  • Registering of advance accounts;
  • Registration of bank documents;
  • Registration and verification of various other source documents;
  • Transfer to an accounting program.

Management of the abandoned accounting

• Full accounting review;
• Verification of source documents;
• If necessary, we will re-enter the company accounts for past periods;
• Preparation of revised declarations and submission to authorities;
• Debtors summary and settlement maturity reports.


  • Calculation of wages, holiday pay and other employee benefits;
  • Tax calculation.

Personnel accounting:

  • From recruitment to complete staff documentation arrangement.

Preparation of reports for the CEO of the company:

  • Profit and loss statement;
  • Balance sheet (monthly, quarterly as required by manager);
  • Debt statement;
  • Reports on the use of money by accountable persons;
  • Company cash register accounting;
  • Annual financial statements.

Fixed assets:

  • Accounting of Fixed assets;
  • Acts of operation;
  • Depreciation Summary;
  • Assistance with correct inventory taking.

Reporting to various institutions:

• Monthly and annual tax returns to the Tax Inspectorate;
• Reports to SODRA;
• Various other reports to STI, Sodra, Department of Statistics Lithuania, etc.

Farmers’ Farm Accounting procedures:

  • We specialize in accounting for farmers’ farms;

Would you be interested in professional accounting services?

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    Frequently asked questions:

    Why should you choose the services of an accounting company?

    • No need to set up a workplace for your accountant;
    • A company providing accounting services provides a wider range of services and consults;
    • Accounting services are cheaper because you don’t have to pay payroll taxes to your accountant;
    • You will never be without a person providing accounting services, because one accountant will replace another during vacation;
    • Accountants of companies providing accounting services know the intricacies of accounting for a wider range of business sectors.


    How much do accounting services cost?

    • The price of accounting services may vary depending on how many employees the company purchasing the services has and how many accounting operations the accountant has to perform per month. Thus, in better months, the company will receive higher invoices for accounting services, and in worse months, lower invoices. The price of services starts from just 100 EUR without VAT per month.