Consultation of inheritance and family law matters

Justicija, UAB provide advice on  inheritance and family law issues, such as:

  • Marriage contracts.
  • Spouses property and non-property rights.
  • Child support, adoption.
  • Social care and welfare
  • Children’s rights.
  • Divorce, seperation.
  • Inheritance.

Consultations on a marriage contracts matters:

Marriage contracts are recorded in the Central Mortgage Office‘s managed Marriage contracts registry.

A marriage contract – is an agreement of spouses that determines their property rights and their responsibilities within marriage, as well as those after a divorce or separation.

Marriage contract can be signed before the registration of marriage – as a pre-nuptial agreement. A post-marital contract can be made at any time after the registered marriage.

Why conclude a marital agreement?

Spouses, forming a marriage contract at their discretion agree of assets, each spouse acquired before marriage as well as property that has been or will be acquired in a marriage. Spouses fix assets legal mode – whether the property will be common joint property or joint partial property.

When marriage contract covers legal mode of assets, court proceedings in case of a divorce will be much faster and less expensive.

Child maintenance and adoption:

We consult on all issues regarding child support, sharing of responsibilities in case of divorce, alimony award, child maintenance debt recovery, adoption procedures and preparation of the documents.

if you do not know whether it’s worth signing a marriage contract, or what are procedures of adoption, what documents you may need for adoption, how to establish the maintenance of children after a divorce, what to do If a former spouse does not pay alimony for you or your children – feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions and provide all the necessary legal assistance.

Inheritance matters:

Justicija, UAB provide advice on the documents required for acceptance of inheritance and inheritance acceptance process, on inheritance distribution and all aspects of inheritance-related issues.

We consult both – the property owners on making a will, its confirmation and other issues, and heirs on acceptance of inheritance.

Consultations on inheritance and family law matters – Justicija, UAB will help you find the answers to all your questions.

Consultations on inheritance and family law matters is included in the Personal Lawyer service package.

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